Our Terms and Condition

user Terms and Conditions

hey thanks for visiting technogyyan. our site is full safe
but also you need to follow some rules.

technogyyan team write all article self. so if you copy data and add in your blog
it's not a good thing.so do not copy site content.

all page have comment section you can ask any question. 
but when you asking some question use proper words only.
respect the writer.

in this page some media is get form google and some are created by technogyyan
if we get image from google search we mention in image caption. we manage the proper rights
and some video is add in technogyyan this video is created by technogyyan authors. 
and in this channel is on youtube. channel name is "Anand Hiswankar" programming video is
upload in this channel and add a link in article

we provide you a latest and best technology news,facts,information and may more.
all information is based on google. and also all information is user friendly. but someone 
use this information to doing any wrong work then for this person or and for this wrong work
technogyyan is not responsible. this person is full responsible for this work

promotion in comments:
in our site technogyyan comments promotion is now allow. if you enter any link in comment 
which promot your product this link no longer in comment section. so don't enter link or product 
promotion in comments

Q&A page:
in technogyyan we create a askMe/Q&A page for to slove your problem. in this page
do not use any unless word. and also do not share any personal information

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