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User Privacy Policy for TechnoGyyan

Welcome to Technogyyan.tech 
our site is safe. we not get any personal information without user permission
technogyyan use HTTPS and HTTP also make sure you using HTTPS.

in Technogyyan use Google adsense ads. this ads get a basic cookies information for
showing ads 

all page and post have comment section also we created a special page of problems asking
called askme page you can comment your problem.
bt your comment is show in public so do not enter any personal information 
like password,mobile,etc in comments section

in technogyyan all subscriber email is safe of another sever 000webhostapp you don't worry about 
your email. we not share your email information. we get this only for latest post update information
and notification for you

This site ask use to use cooking. this is basic information to. boost your site visit exp.
we not use for any other way.

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