Contributors Section

Hello readers,
We, the TechnoGyyan team are eager to make you one of us!

TechnoGyyan is introducing a new Contributors Section to our site. We are providing the audience a chance to be a part of our TechnoGyyan team!
You can now share your knowledge to the world through the medium of TechnoGyyan. 

Given below are the points that will explain you what we actually mean:
  • You can write your own posts and we will publish the posts for you.
  • On each of your post, your name and designation will be provided.
  • Your content will not be modified nor changed without your agreement.
  • You can reach maximum audiences through this medium.

Why to use TechnoGyyan for publishing posts?

  • If you are not a regular blogger but have knowledge about technologies and technical stuff, this is the way for you to pass your knowledge without additional efforts
  • If you find creating or managing a personal blog difficult, this is a chance for you.
  • If you think blogging is time consuming and you cannot continue it alone then this is a chance for you.
  • If you find it stressful to reach maximum audience, this is chance for you.
  • If you genuinely want your knowledge to reach maximum audience, this is a chance for you.

How can you post?

These are the simple steps you need to do to connect with TechnoGyyan.
  • From Contact Us section, reach us by sending a message or mail us at
  • Your mail should contain your name, designation (that we will use to display on the post) and the topic on which you are going to create a post.
  • After receiving your mail, we will reply to you as early as possible regarding further details about how your post format should be, and that's it!
  • Following these steps you will be one of us!
Though your post is published by one of the TechnoGyyan team members, your name and designation will be there inside your post.



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