Digital twin technology - the future of industrial innovation.
The future of the industry is here, a digital twin technology that will be the backbone of the industry in the future.
In this article, we will discuss digital twin technology in detail....
What Is Digital Twins?
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What is Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a virtual or a digital copy of physical products or assets. the term digital twin was originally coined by Dr.Michael Grieves in 2002, NASA was one of the best to use this technology for space exploration missions.

Digital twins are digital representations of physical objects, processes, or services. Digital twin technology can be a digital replica of things in the physical world, the example is wind farms or jet engines, or even huge objects like buildings or even entire cities. Digital twin technology can be done to repeat the process to collect data to predict how the process will work.

Digital twins technology is the ability to represent virtually, represent the physical elements and the dynamics of how the Internet of Things(IoT) device works and operates. It is a virtual representation of both factors and the dynamics of how the Internet of Things device responds throughout its life cycle.

Why digital twin is so important?

We have been making products for many centuries now, you always come up with a product concept, you innovate a product, you try its R&D part, you create it, manufacture it and then you just sell it or give it to someone who is just starting to using it.

Who knows, how and where it is being used? Whether it is used or misused? Could there be any potential improvements, so where is the feedback turn for the rest of the organization which includes the concepts of R&D people, product people? What can be improved in the product is what we are trying to achieve? 

Here is used real-time data coming from the field services or real-time data coming from real use cases which are going on in the field and bring it back to the enterprise, to use that knowledge in that information,  to improve future products and services we are trying to do that using the concept of digital twins.
where you have replicas of the physical asset and product in the form of digital, not just look but also in terms of functionalities, in terms of features, and for behavior to feedback real-time data to the digital model so that we can simulate practically everything which can happen in the field.

How Digital Twin Work?

  • Digital twins technology combines physical and virtual worlds by collecting real-time data from installed sensors.
  • The collected data is stored either locally decentralized or in a central cloud.
  • The data is then estimated and simulated in a virtual copy of the property.
  • After obtaining information from the simulation the parameters are applied to the real property.
  • This integration of data into real and virtual presentations helps to optimize the performance of real assets.

Digital twin applications

Digital twins can be used in various industries, such as below:-
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Health care 
  • Retail
  • Disaster Management
  • Smart Cities
  • Logistics

Examples of digital twins

Two digital twin use cases are given:-
digital twins examples
  1. Wind turbine:- The wind turbine is used in different circumstances under different areas, it can be used offshore onsite, it can be used in very cold conditions, it can go through all sorts of confusion in terms of weather, temperature, humidity, etc. But it is still a challenge for wind generators or the so-called power companies to estimate how much electricity will be generated in the next one week or a month because we all need a certain approximate amount of electricity available to our home and OEM. Need. How the wind turbine is working in a particular place so that it will be able to close the loop. We're trying to get the data back and we're trying to make a simple use case where the availability of wind turbines is calculated with a 360-degree view of the data. How weather conditions have changed over the last 20 years, I can predict weather patterns so it has a very solid model by which we can do AI and ML so that we can better predict failures, predict better power generation as well as the availability of turbines.
  2. Automotive:- if you have a car model for example and the OEM will have to come up with a new platform for the 2025 model. How do you know what percentage of his existing car can be used in the 2025 model because He doesn't want to make the whole product, it is too expensive so he has to figure out how to do it or estimate the life and functionality of each of these components and that's where we're able to use digital twins.

Benefits of digital twin 

The advantages of digital twins are as follows: -
  • Digital twins technology provides you to predict possible problems that may occur in the future, This reduces product defects and reduces production time, amongst other things.
  • Improving and optimizing production processes through real information.
  • Reduce unplanned downtime due to potential errors.
  • They reduce accidents because they allow you to simulate all kinds of situations and injuries.
  • Reducing maintenance costs by performing preventive maintenance tasks.
  • Identify opportunities, failures, and inefficiencies to make continuous improvements through simulations.

Digital Twin Companies

15 digital twins solution providers:-
  1. General Electric
  2. Azure Digital twins
  3. Siemens
  4. IBM
  5. Cisco Systems
  6. Oracle
  7. QiO Technologies
  8. PETRA Data Science
  9. Dassault Systems
  10. Synavision
  11. Sight Machine
  12. Pratiti Technologies
  13. PTC
  14. Ansys
  15. Visualiz

What we covered in this article (short points)

  • What is digital twin?
  • Why digital twin is so important?
  • How Digital Twin Work?
  • Digital twin applications
  • Digital twins examples
  • Benefits of digital twin 
  • Digital Twin Companies
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