One day, you can also have superhuman vision. You would be able to play your favorite albums inside your head and download your brain to another machine. Though this may sound like a science fiction film, Elon Musk and his team at the neural tech startup Neuralink believe that their electronic brain-computer interface could make this possible. The brain chip can be implanted into someone's brain.

It could be used to expand the capabilities of a human, changing the way we interact with technology and using to treat neural and mobility issues. Elon musk artificial intelligence, this has always been a topic to watch for!

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

What is the concept?

  • It is now possible to implant a brain chip into a human's brain and give them ability to control and operate various electronic devices just by thinking. 
  • It is like a fit-bit in your skull with tiny wires. 
  • It is able to connect your brain to computers and is able to decode your reactions in the brain and project them onto your computer or smartphone screen.
  • It is brain-computer interface.
  • Successful trials have been done on Mouse, Pigs and a Monkey.
  • It won't damage your brain.

How is it implanted?

Neuralink wants the installation of you brain computer interface painless and quick, as easy as laser surgery. The design has changed after 3 models and now significantly resembles a small coin around 8 mm in diameter, which contains electrodes that are about 1/20th the thickness of a strand of hair. To install the neuralink, a small piece of skull is removed and the neuralink is fitted in to be the new flush for the skull. The chip is plugged into brain with tiny microscopic threads

As this process has to be immensely precise, the neuralink team has developed a robot specially for this procedure. This whole process would take less than an hour while you are still in partial anesthesia. Installing this chip leaves only a tiny scar and includes all the sensors one can expect in a smartwatch. Once installed, the chip can send and receive electrical signals from your brain and use them to control machines.

In its early stages, it could allow control of basic devices like a computer and other smart devices.

How will it work?

Your brain sends information to different parts of your body using neurons, neurons in your brain connect with each other to form a network and communicate using chemical signals called as neurotransmitters. This reaction generates an electric field. By placing electrodes near these signals, you are able record these reactions. The electrodes translates these reactions into an algorithm that a computer can read.
Elon musk claims that this brain chip would be able to control robots, treat mental illness cure paralysis, to stream music directly into wearer's brain and extend the range of hearing beyond normal frequencies.
You are also able to download skills into your brain.

Neuralink Brain Chip
 Neuralink Brain Chip

What is the design of the chip V0.9?

  • 1024 channels per link.
  • Implant size 23-8 mm.
  • Flush with skull.
  • 6axis IMU, temperature, pressure, etc.
  • Megabit wireless data rate, post compression.
  • 1 day battery.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Look - not visible.
  • Connection - Bluetooth.
  • 10 meters range for charging.
  • Can add artificial parts.

What is possible with brain implant?

At first, Neuralink says that they can help spinal cord injury patients with the help of this chip. Further, it is said that it can cure from paralysis to blindness, depression, anxiety and addiction of a person.

What future brings?

The trials of this chip on animals are already successful and everything is going on properly. There have been no consequences yet observed in them. So, if the human trials of this chip are successful, it could bring humanity something that we have not imagined that would be possible.

It might be possible that to record your memories, store memories, replay your memories again and again, play movies or music inside your brain. You would be able to download skills onto your brain and also can download your brain to another device.

One might be able to enhance normal eyesight to superhuman vision, ability to see ultraviolet light, and much more that we can only imagine y now.

What is cost of this Brain Chip?

As this is a brain surgery, it is performed by a specially developed robot and surgery is promised to be done within an hour. So to make this all possible this surgery requires approximate 10-20 million dollars in the beginning.
Later, as Elon Musk said, the cost could be the same as much it takes to do a laser surgery, like a couple thousand dollars.

To read about Neuralink and this experiment in detail, visit official neuralink site here.

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