1. Vision Made Audible with OrCam MyEye 2:

OrCam MyEye2
OrCam MyEye 2.0

To those who have weak eyesight, the OrCam MyEye 2 would be a game changer. Often mentioned  as “talking glasses,”, the artificial intelligence device can attach to the frame of any glasses and can read text, verify currency, identify faces or read information from bar codes aloud. Putting all these 
power and features into such a small gadget is like “fitting an elephant into a small closet,” says the inventor of the technology. Amnon Shashua, 

OrCam MyEye 2 is also very helpful for those who are having reading difficulties like dyslexia. A latest version is scheduled to come out next year. That upgrade will allow its users to get even more specific. For example telling the machine to read only the headlines of a newspaper, or only the appetizer section of a menu. The OrCam MyEye 2 is currently available in more than 48 countries and it has also been used in Israeli elections, to help blind and visually impaired citizens cast their ballots.

2. Heart Monitoring T-Shirt:

Heart Monitoring T-Shirt
Heart Monitoring T-Shirt:

There are tons of fitness bands that measure your heart rate and that sounds nothing new now. But, almost every research shows the variation in the accuracy of those devices. Especially when you depend on them to count your calories. If you are using them just for normal use and show-off that's ok but for professionals, accuracy is everything.

The new T-shirt created by smart materials company KYMIRA correctly measures one's heartbeats and stores them by uploading onto the cloud via Bluetooth. It uses a single lead ECG printed onto the fabric. After the data is uploaded to the cloud, the algorithms will process the heartbeats to correctly detect the disturbances or irregular heartbeats like arrhythmia heartbeats, which could be life saving.

Tim Brownstone, founder and CEO of KYMIRA says that this t-shirt is not just for sportspeople or for people from specific industry. This t-shirt is useful to everyone who concerns about their health and can also come as handy in clinical applications.

3. Cancer Detecting Smart Needles:

Cancer Detecting Smart Needles
Cancer Detecting Smart Needles

Yes. you read that right. A team of UK scientists have developed a "smart needle" that can speed up the process of cancer detection and diagnosis time.
Scientists believe that this needle can particularly be helpful in diagnosing lymphoma, which will also help in reducing anxiety of the patients as they wait for their test results. Currently, the people who test for lymphoma have to wait a long time to get the results as their are number of steps involved.
This smart needle uses Raman spectroscopy technique to shine a low power laser inside the part of the body currently being inspected. It has the potential to spot concerns within seconds.
The scientist from the University of Exeter have already shared their opinion about the smart needle.
They said that the Raman smart needle is able to measure and count molecular changes regarding the diseases in cells and tissues at the end of the smart needle. This needle is able to assess if the person's health

4.EnomadUno - Portable Water Power Generator:

Enomad Uno - Portable Water Power Generator
Enomad Uno - Portable Water Power Generator

Hydel power is one of the top sources of renewable energy and has been nature's blessing to humans. Would you be shocked if someone says they can make use of hydel power for minor power requirements? You don't need to. Because with Enomad Uno, you can do the same. Enomad Uno is a portable hydel power generator having a small propeller which transforms kinetic energy of flowing water to micro electricity. The propeller has a small LED light on the other side and a USB port which helps you charge your smartphone or any other electronic devices. 

5. HTC Vive Pro EyeVR:

HTC Vive Pro EyeVR
HTC Vive Pro EyeVR

HTC Vive Pro Eye VR, which might seem like another top notch VR, is one of its own kind.
It is completely equipped with advanced eye tracking technology which enables people having physical disabilities to control and navigate devices comfortably. Even the people who can't use hand controllers can use this to navigate and control the devices.
It is designed to automatically increase the resolutions of the objects you are looking at, using special software that mimics the way eyes focus. Apart from being a helping hand for people with physical disabilities, this Vive Pro Eye also promises to be a friend of professionals and business people. It helps these people by helping them figure out how users normally interact with their products.

6. Eyelights - Holographic Car Assistant :

Eyelights - Holographic Car Assistant
Eyelights - Holographic Car Assistant

Do you also get distracted from the road while interacting with your car's infotainment?
Well now the solution is here. Eyelights solves the problem for you. Eyelights is a concept tech which uses holographs rather than depending upon real screen to display information. Now the maps, vital stats related to your car are in front of you!
This technology allows you to focus on the road and also interact with your car's system at the same time. Also their are wave gestures so you just need to wave your hands in the air to control the system. Eyelights in this way makes it super handy for the users to control the car's system and it has the capability to completely change the way we interact with the system currently. It has the ability to replace touch interfaces completely.

7. Virtual Surgery with Osso VR:

Virtual Surgery with Osso VR
Virtual Surgery with Osso VR

VR is a technology that has emerged in every field in recent years. Also, it is arguably the best when it comes to training. It can be used to train drivers, pilots and even surgeons. The Osso VR is a specially designed software to give doctors a virtual operating room experience. Dr Justin Barad, CEO and co-founder of Osso VR says that even after 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school and 5 years of residency, nearly 30% people are not able to operate on their own and that is insane. So to train those people, this Osso VR comes to help. Already it is used in hospitals around the U.S. and soon the surgeons in health centers in underdeveloped countries will also be able to learn from leading experts from around the world without having to leave their hospitals.

8. Padrone Ring Mouse:

Padrone Ring Mouse
Padrone Ring Mouse

It doesn't matter how sophisticated the trackpad of our laptop is, we still need mouse many times as it gives us high freedom of movement and speed. The Padrone ring gives you even more freedom as it is a mouse without a mouse;) It is a small and nimble finger ring that is used as a mouse for computer or laptop. The Padrone ring mouse is able to connect to any device over low energy Bluetooth.
Also, it has variety of scrolling and clicking gestures. The most important of the ring mouse is it comes in 12 different sizes and the best part is it is waterproof. So you can continue wearing it anywhere and you do not need to worry about breaking or frying the internals.

9. Gravity Jet Suit:

Gravity Jet Suit
Gravity Jet Suit

If you are fan of Iron man, this suit is for you. This suit is actually able to make you fly in the sky. 
The suit contains 5 mini-jet engines and has 1,050 horsepower system and is developed by Gravity Industries. The suit is able to reach the altitudes of 12000 feet and weighs about 27kg.

10. Car Batteries that charge in 10 Minutes!

Car Batteries that charge in 10 Minutes!
Car Batteries that charge in 10 Minutes!

Quick-charging of electric vehicles is seen as a key to their rise, so people can stop at a service station and charge their car completely in the time it takes to get a coffee or use the toilet, which makes it as a conventional break. But, researchers at Penn State University in the US say that quick charging of lithium ion batteries can degrade the batteries. This is due to the flow of lithium particles also called as ions from one electrode to another for charging the unit and holding the energy ready for use does not happen that easily with quick charging at lower temperatures.

However, they now have discovered that if the batteries could heat to 60°C for just 10 minutes, and then quickly cool again to ambient temperatures, lithium spikes would not form and heat damage would be avoided. They have come up with a self-heating battery design, using a thin foil that creates an electical circuit which heats in less than 30seconds to warm the inside of the battery. The fast cooling that is required after the battery is charged, can be done using the cooling system designed into the car.

As published in the journal Joule, their study showed they could fully charge an electrical vehicle in 10 minutes

11. Roybi Robot:

Roybi Robot
Roybi Robot

This cute little robot may look like an alien, but don’t let the design fool you. It’s an artificial intelligence powered gadget developed to help kids from ages 3 to 7 to learn language and STEM skills. Using the machine learning concept, this Roybi Robot gradually tailors its lessons and responses to a child’s unique learning style. It even recognizes the child’s emotions and incorporates the content he or she most enjoys. Kids can  sing a song, hear a story or learn a lesson. 
The robot gives children personalized education in their early childhood which is a crucial time when they are soaking up language like a sponge, says Kayla Prochnow, a content specialist at Roybi. The company hopes the 189$ robot on Indiegogo­, will give kids a strong foundation for success.

12. iMicro C:

iMicro C
iMicro C

If you have always wanted to have a make shift lab of sorts in your house, this is something you must check out iMicro C. This gadget is a small layer of lenses, maybe even smaller than an average fingertip. Just like many third party zoom lenses for smartphones, you are able to hook iMicro to your smartphone’s lens and enjoy looking at the micrometer world with more precision. It is designed with comparatively low magnification power, it boasts a much larger field of view about 5mm to help you observe micro objects. You can observe electronic parts, tiny insects and more. Moreover, iMicro C comes up with a long working distance of about ~4mm and features much larger DOF (depth of field) that makes it an amazing gadget for both enthusiasts and pros.

13. Lumzag Bags:

Lumzag Bags
Lumzag Bags

LUMZAG bags offer the most outstanding features for any bag, It offers you total security for your valuable items, unhindered connectivity, and safety for itself. Apart from this, the smart bag has the inbuilt 10,000mAh power bank which will keep your devices charged up. It also happens to power a wireless charger for flagship devices.

LUMZAG is designed with a rear view camera through which you are able to get a full picture of what is behind you in real time using the app. GPS ensures that you do not forget the bag or have it stolen. There is a facility to tag the essentials from your bag with smart stickers that are available with the bag so that you don’t forget anything behind. LUMZAG bag contains an inbuilt light to let you rummage through the contents even without any external light. At last, the anti theft feature makes it sure that you are informed on your smartphone every time someone tries to open your bag. LUMZAG bags offer these features to ensure unmatched safety and flexibility, guaranteeing the maximum utility that any bag can offer.

14. Postmates Serve:

Postmates Serve
Postmates Serve

Your next Postmate may not come in a car or vehicle. Here comes the delivery service’s newest rover, Serve. It has 2 eyes and 4 wheels and navigates the sidewalks. It is remotely monitored by a human pilot. The robot that Postmates can carry 50 lb. and travel 30 miles on a single charge. It is predicted to that it will join more than 350,000 people who deliver food for the company. Customers can receive their meals by using a touchscreen on the rover. It is specially created to navigate in urban places with more ease and less environmental impact than a larger vehicle. Postmates say Serve reduces delivery costs and traffic while increasing sales for local restaurants. This service has initial plans to roll out in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

15. Hands-free Parenting - MiniMeis:

Hands-free Parenting - MiniMeis

Whenever little kids get tired from walking, they mostly end up on their parents’ shoulders. Julius Winger, whi is also a father of three who invented MiniMeis says that the downside is you have to hold them and your hands get occupied. There should be a foldable, lightweight and ergonomic shoulder carrier that is comfortable for both kids and parents. The MiniMeis has a seat and a backrest with a system of straps to attach the child securely to the parent. Different than front or back carriers, it distributes the child’s weight squarely over a parent’s center of balance and kids as old as 5 can ride with an unobstructed view. At the cost of $149, it is similar in cost to other carriers, and parents are jumping at the opportunity to free up their hands. In three years, the company has grown from 7,000 sales a year to 15,000 a month online and in Europe. The carrier is expected to hit U.S. stores this winter.

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