Well, there are many people who are fans of sci-fi based movies and who like to know what is possible with continuously upgrading science and technology.

Here, we are discussing about Avengers: Age of Ultron.
Most of the people have watched this movie and know the plot of the movie.
The movie revolves around an evil A.I. (called as 'Ultron' in the movie) which goes rogue and tries to take over the humanity before they were taken to the temporary rehabilitation center.


Ultron (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

Plot of the Movie:

Tony Stark created this Ultron for "peace-keeping", to protect the world if someday aliens attack on the Earth so this A.I based robot would be able to protect the Earth by its abilities.
But, due to certain turn of events, the Ultron reads the previous information from the internet about how bombings and terrorists attack and how humans are the people who are killing each other. He believes that the only way of peace is to destroy the humanity, that way there would be no destruction and only peace. In this way, he goes after humans and becomes the villain of the movie. 

Does current technology support these?

Well, we can definitely see how artificial intelligence and machine learning is upgrading day by day and how it is becoming an important part of life. Google assistant and Siri are the best examples of it. Many people are willing to take an artificial intelligence course by looking at these inventions.

The continuous enhancement in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning and its increasing presence has given us the best results so far. A.I. in science and engineering definitely has the potential to improve our lives, or destroy them.

Ultron seems to have some conciseness. Decisions of Ultron looked like they were based on some kind of emotional responses. Ultron can be called as "General Artificial Intelligence" which is opposite from what we have developed today. Ultron can feel, think and reason probably on a level that is even more than human understanding. 

The currently developed artificial intelligence programs are considered as "Weak Artificial Intelligence". The scope of A.I.s available today is only narrowed upto small tasks with predictable set of responses. Though the A.I.s can still learn by themselves but not on a greater level. 


Ultron (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

Is Ultron Possible?

The Ultron probably represents the best version of artificial intelligence going wrong. An intelligence who intends to eliminate the humans who invented it.
Subsequent iterations of the Ultron were self created. With every iteration coming as stronger and smarter to the previous one, Ultron had 2 desires to fulfil, survive and bringing peace (by killing mankind).

A scientific research related to the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence was done and the results showed that these are the fields which will continue to expand continuously and at a greater speed.

An experiment was done in order to check whether a software, called as "deep Q-network" could master a game from the skills learned in another game. After examining for several games, the software had performed better at the game than human level. The games included boxing, video pinball, tutankham and robotank. The relevance of this example is that an Artificial Intelligence and machine learning system is able to adapt its skills to different situations for which its developer had never prepared it. This A.I. applied its skills in different and new ways by effectively learning everything on its own, which shows possibility of an A.I going rogue just like Ultron. The real concern is when we do not understand that we now have crossed the boundaries until we are facing its consequences. In science, we generally push things to invent and apply things before we completely understand all the implications, both positive and negative. 
A computer scientist, Susan Epstein proposed in a study that we'd be better adapt the approach of "collaborative intelligence". Epsten writes, we usually create machines and robots because we need. But a less capable machine could actually be equally helpful. By allowing humans to do things that they are better at anyway, like problem solving and pattern recognition. In other words, we can say that there has to be in-built incapabilities in a machine so that it should depend on humans also. We should not give complete control only to the machine and robots.
As an example, if a person asks an A.I. to make a person smile, the A.I. might try manipulating facial nerves to paralyze the face into constantly smiling. If one then asks the machine to make us happy, the computer might then simply implant electrodes into the pleasure centers of our brains.

As the conclusion of this article, we can say that maybe not today, but maybe in the next 20-30 years, there is a possibility of a Ultron coming to the real world. The future here completely depends on our scientists and researchers how they operate and handle these complex A.I. algorithms and what comes out of it.

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