How To Get Started With Google Cloud Play Setting Up, Transferring Files, and More

How To Get Started With Google Cloud Play Setting Up, Transferring Files

Short tutorials to help you get started with Cloud Platform products, services, and APIs. Create a bucket, upload a file to it, share it, and organize it in a folder. Use Cloud Shell to configure cloud and run a container image. What is google cloud play how to use google cloud play. guide to using google cloud play. google cloud console provide many features to use you can create VM


The Google Cloud Platform is a collection of products and services which includes: Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, Google Container Engine, Google Cloud Datastore, Google Cloud Storage, Google Identity and authentication, Google Platform, and Google BigQuery. GCP is an early adopter of the public cloud and a technology leader.
Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform Go to the Google Cloud website and click the sign-up button to get started. To try the Google Cloud Platform Starter Plan just sign-up and click the Get Started button. On the next screen enter your user email, pick a name for your user, and then pick a Google account. Follow the on-screen instructions and you will start to create an account and get to your first set of Apps. Read on for more details Create Your Google Cloud Account Sign-up with your Google account by entering your email and name. Go to the Google Apps page and click Get Started to create a new account. You will then see a screen with a set of templates to fill out. Click Create next to each one to pick your preferred template and click Next.

Create a bucket

Name it whatever you like and enter your AWS credentials on the next page select the Reserved Instance you want to start training a VM Click Next and complete the wizard (make sure to see the Give us your computer information during the installation for installation.) Learn more about AWS Registration Errors and RMI permissions. Transfer files to Google Cloud Using Google Drive To transfer files to the GCP you will need the link to Google Drive. $ "gdrive -c rmi" If you do not want to do this and you would like to move files into Google Drive it is easier to do it like this.
How To Get Started With Google Cloud Play Setting Up, Transferring Files

Upload a file to the bucket

Some people may ask why not use GCE to create a VPS with some extra features like Cloud Shell, SSH, Docker. Instead of selecting a different data center, you can select a dedicated one to run the VPS as a VPS, and also the storage for the VPS (maybe) is included with your Google account. You can see the storage you selected by clicking “Storage Overview” on the left side of the screen. Upload a file to your GCE bucket After the upload a copy of the file will be available on the subdomain of the website. You can download the copy of the file or update the URL to the bucket and use the same URL and resources as the original bucket. Share a file to the bucket The same thing works for the shared folder. As you can see the bucket is public by default. You can control this by adding a SID.

Share the bucket

Enable Elastic File Sockets (EFS) Integrate EFS with Google App Engine Replace traditional file system with Google App Engine Files and Events Install and configure CloudShell to run Google App Engine Cloud Shell is a terminal client that is completely integrated with the Google Cloud Platform. Use it to configure your Google Cloud Platform app, console, and host it locally on your device. Install CloudShell from the Google App Engine Official Repository Install CloudShell on your Mac Install CloudShell from the Play Store Create a bucket You need to create a bucket. In order to create a bucket, your client application needs to do two things. First, it needs to find a bucket for you and it needs to mount it. In this tutorial, we will create a bucket using the Go file system.
How To Get Started With Google Cloud Play Setting Up, Transferring Files

Create a folder

The first thing you need to do to create a new folder. Cloud Console will walk you through this. In fact, you don't need to worry about many things as we will be exploring many other things. Upload a file You have a folder and you need a file. Google has created the file chooser but it is available to everyone so you can use it without having a GCP account. Go to your folder > upload a file. Move it to the folder In the same folder, you can drag the file to the folder. This will copy the file. Share it with others To share the file, go to the share list and you will find a box. Fill in the email address of a person that you want to share it with and hit submit.


When you are in a different ecosystem, Google has changed the way how to use some of the enterprise software to get real work done. By the way, this is a great repository to download a free trial of google cloud play.


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