Essential Keyboard Hacks that helps you to work fast on windows 10⌨💻

There are many ways to restore keyboard shortcuts to go with all the new Windows 10 modes. The following are some basic, common, and required keyboard shortcuts for everyday use in Windows.

1. Close Windows and View Your Desktop

 Windows logo key + D   :-Press to switch between desktop and all windows that you open. Note that if you connect to a desktop after pressing a shortcut, you will not be able to use it again to minimize windows and you will need to resize manually

2. Reopen Last Closed Tab

Ctrl + Shift + T   :-It reopens the last closed tab.

3. Shutdown Option

Windows logo key + X :- It opens the Shutdown options.

4.Lock PC 

Windows logo key + L :- It helps to lock the PC.

5.Reduce the window size.

Windows Logo Key + Down Arrow : It reduces the window size.

6. Hide or Open apps on the desktop

Windows Key + D : Hides/Shows open apps on the desktop. open apps on the desktop.

7. Create a virtual  desktop

Windows Key + Control + D : Using this keys we can Create a virtual  desktop.

8. Close the active virtual desktop

Windows Key + Control + F4 : It helps to Close the active virtual desktop.

9. Open the emoji panel

Windows Logo Key + ; (Semicolon Key) :- These keys opens the emoji panel.

10.Opens Cortana in listening mode

Windows Key + C : It will opens Cortana in listening mode.

11.Opens the secondary start menu.

Windows Key + X   :- It will helps to opens the secondary start menu.

12. Display properties for the selected item

Alt + Enter : It will display properties for the selected item.

13.Open shortcut menu for an active 

Alt + Spacebar : Helps to open shortcut menu for an active window.

14. Open the Task Manager

Ctrl + Shift + Esc : It will helps to open the Task Manager.

15. Open Windows Help and Support 

Win + F1 : Using these keys we can open Windows Help and Support.


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