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Why cloud storage is used?

basically. If we want to start something then we have to collect a big amount of data as well as system-generated big data. This all data needs to store for future use. And someone has a large amount of data it may contain media data like images, Videos, And many others. buy after large storage our system may be full or out of storage then we have to delete some old data to add new. this not work all this coz sometimes we need to store old data also as well as new. then we have to purchases a data storage drive it's good to use. but if somehow storage device is lost or maybe corrupt then we have to pay a large amount to recover all data.

What is a cloud storage service?

cloud storage is basically many companies like Google, Amazon, And many more. These companies create their servers this server available for the users. To store their data. you can select a server as per your storage requirements. this all very simple to start many of us know about google drive. We will see this in detail but for now just an overview of this to understand how exactly cloud storage works. for this, we have to download a simple app called "google drive" and after that use auth information. to log in and in just a few clicks you can upload your file, folder in google drive. this file will upload on google server and this will keep for a lifetime. you can download it anytime anywhere and on any system, just log in and get your all data. 

many companies provide some free limited storage. Like, google drive it provides 15GB of storage for free to use. if you used full space then you can buy more space at a cheap price. you can get TB of storage for your personal or business use. online storage provides the best security to our data and backup system. And many other system security. the best part of cloud storage is you can upload your data from any device and get back your data on any device. This system does not depend on system hardware. Like laptop or computer hard disk and other storage devices. 

List of Cloud Storage Providers: 

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Box
  • Google cloud platform
  • pCloud


this all cloud system is great for use. some of providing a large size of space free you can use this and after use, you can buy more space and enjoy. Google cloud storage complete tutorial will available soon. visit some more post for all latest technology update. more search What is cloud storage. best cloud storage for personal use 2021 Business use, price. how to assess google drive, cloud storage, login, get a login, free


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