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What is DevOps?

DevOps is basically a concept build with development + operations. Many people think DevOps is any kind of software or a programming language. But DevOps isn't this all. DevOps is a concept that is used to build a large application. Because of this, many development problems fix. We know about many DevOps concepts like Google cloud DevOps, Microsoft Azure DevOps, AWS, IMB DevOps, and many more. Many people have confusion regarding the DevOps process flow. But it's simple then we think, it is just a process to develop an application with proper steps and processes.

DevOps provide a better workflow to an organization to build a better product for their customers and fulfill customers requirements and also market need of customers. Using this, all development processes speed also increases. In normal development, two teams work differently 

  • Development team 
  • Operation team

These teams work differently and because of this, if sometimes product gets a longer time than expected, then these two teams blame each other and it makes an impact on the company and their value. Because the customer doesn't want to understand your problem in development or in the team. Customer only wants their working product and in date. If products take more time to publish than they expect, then this may create loss to customer company or their work.

In DevOps these two teams: development team and operation team work together because of work quality, change and deployment makes it easy. Also, product deployment is done in an expected time. 
Many times after product deployment client makes new requests or in the product finds some problem then it is needed to handle it properly. In a normal development process, two teams make an argument to make a change then shift their responsibility to other teams. But in DevOps, both are working together so this problem will overcome, and all pre-deploy and post-deploy changes done easily. 

DevOps Process flow

  • Plan
  • Code
  • Build
  • Test
  • Release
  • Deploy
  • Operate
  • Monitor

This all work flows in the loop. All development and deploy phase plays an important role in software/product development. In DevOps these two development and operation work with each other. If some problem arrives then both teams combine and find a solution and fix this problem, and deliver a working a bug-free product to customer/client


In development, it contains all coding and testing phases. In this, developer collects requirement and documents, and makes plans and then codes and after that tests the code.


In operation, it contains all deployment-related things, after the product is ready in development phase then operation phase gets to do their work. In this, release of the product and deployment is done and after that, we have to monitor product and find some issues regarding the product and if some problem is found then development team needs to fix this 

Benefits of DevOps

  • Speed 
  • Rapid delivery
  • Reliability
  • Improved collaboration
  • Security

what is DevOps Technogyyan.tech


After reading this we all have a basic idea of what exactly DevOps is. many big companies use this to develop a high-quality product and grow their and client's business also. Many companies provide a course on DevOps and how work flows works and more. Many companies like Google and Microsoft. Google cloud DevOps and Microsoft Azure DevOps, IMB DevOps are also available. now we understood DevOps is not a programming language or software. We have enough information on DevOps now

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