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The human brain, the most valuable Creation Of God. the man is called intelligence because of the brain. but we lost the knowledge of the brain when the body is destroyed after death.
Today scientists are doing research to create artificial brains that can think, respond, make decisions, and remember anything. The main purpose is to upload the human brain to the machine. So, that man can think, make a decision without any effort. The main purpose is that after the death of the body, the virtual brain will act like a man. So, even after the death of a person, we will not lose the knowledge, intelligence, personality, feelings, and memories of that person which can be used for the development of human society.

Is it really possible to build a human brain?

Yes, It is possible, Technology is growing faster than everything. Blue Brain is the name of the world's first virtual brain, which means a device that can function like the human brain.

Why It Is Called Blue Brain?

The Blue Brain uses a Blue Gene supercomputer developed by IBM to simulate. That is why it is called "Blue Brain". The main purpose is to upload the human object into the computer so that it can think and make decisions without the presence of the human body.

What is the virtual brain?

  • A machine that can function as the brain
  •  It can make a decision
  •  It can think
  •  It can respond 
  • It can keep things in memory.

Why do we need a virtual brain?

  • To upload natural brain content into it.
  • To maintain the intelligence, knowledge, and skills of any person.
  • Remembering things without any effort.

Example of blue brain 

  • the best example of the use of the blue brain is "short-term memory".In some movies, you may have noticed that a person may have short-term memories.
  • Another situation is that when a person grows up he starts to forget or send text for a while to identify a person, for the above reasons you need a blueprint is a simple chip that can be installed in the human brain for short term memory and aging Unstable memory can be avoided.

Difference Between Natural brain and Simulated Brain

What is simulated brain technogyyan
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Input by natural neurons

Input through a silicon chip or artificial neurons

Interpretation through different states of neurons in the brain.

Interpretation through a set of bits in the set of register

Output by natural neurons.

Output by the silicon chip.

Processing by arithmetic and logical calculations

Processing by arithmetic and logical calculation and artificial intelligence

Memory by permanent states of neurons

Memory by Secondary memory

How it is possible?

First, it is useful to describe the basic etiquette that a person can upload to a computer. Raymond Kurzweil recently provided an interesting paper on the subject. In it, he reports both invasive and noninvasive techniques.
The use of the smallest robots or nanobots is the most promising. These robots will be small enough to travel in our circulatory system. By traveling to the spinal cord and brain they will be able to monitor the activity and structure of your central nervous system. They will be able to provide an interface with computers as close as our minds can come when we still live in our biological form. 
Nanobots can carefully scan the structure of your brain and provide a complete readout of the connections between each neuron. They also report the current state of the brain. This information can continue to function like ours once it enters the computer.
All that is needed is a big computer, with enough space and the power to process. Does the method and state of neuron connection in your brain really make you aware of yourself? Many people strongly believe that we have a soul, while some technologists believe that quantum forces contribute to our awareness. But now we have to think technically. 
Remember, you don't need to know how the brain actually works to transfer to a computer. We just need to know the media and content. The first is a separate discussion of the real secret of how we gained consciousness, or how we sustain it. This concept is really very difficult and complicated for us. For this, we must first know how the human brain actually works.

Steps Involved

The team will model the electrical structure of repetitive neural circuits in the brain and then map out their behavior. Once completed, they form molecular models of the neurons contained in them before modeling the rest of the brain and form the entire neocortex (the largest and most complex part of the human brain).

Now there is no question of how the virtual brain will work. But the question is how the human brain will upload it. 

Uploading Human Brains

  • Uploading human brains is possible through the use of small robots known as nanobots.
  • These robots are too small to travel in our circulatory system.
  • By traveling to the spinal cord and brain, they will be able to monitor the activity and structure of your central nervous system.
  • They will be able to provide interfaces with computers while we are still living in our biological form.    
  • Nanobots can properly scan the structure of your brain by providing a complete readout of the connection.
  • This information can continue to function like ours once it enters the computer.
  • In this way, the data stored in the whole brain will be uploaded to the computer.

Simulating the microcircuit

Once the microcrystallite is formed the exciting work of creating a circuit function can begin. When all 8192 processors of the Blue Gene apply a stimulus, a large number of complex mathematical equations controlling the electrical activity in each neuron are pressed into service in parallel calculations. When electrical stimulation travels from neuron to neuron, the result is communicated by inter-processor communication (MPI). Currently, the time it takes to replicate a circuit is about two order dimensions rather than replicating the actual biological time. The Blue Brain team is working to make the computer work easier so that circuits can operate in real-time - meaning 1 second of activity can be modeled in one second.

Research Work

  • IBM develops "Blue Brain"
  • IBM, Switzerland's Ecole Polytechnic Federal de Los (EPFL) will begin to simulate the biological system of the brain in partnership with scientists from the Brain and Mind Institute.

Advantages of blue brain technology

  • Remembering things without any effort.
  • Making decisions without the presence of a person.
  • Using a person's intelligence after death.
  • Understanding the activity of animals.
  • Allows the deaf to hear through direct nerve stimulation.

Disadvantages of blue brain technology

  • We depend on computers.
  • Others may use technical knowledge against us.

Hardware And Software Requirements.

  • 22.8 TFLOPS Crop Process Speed.
  • 8,096 CPU at 700 MHz (downgraded to handle large parallel processes).
  • 256 MB to 512 MB memory per processor.
  • Linux and C ++ software.
  • 100 kW of energy.


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