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What is Nono Diamond Batteries and how its work

Battery's play a very important role in our day to day life. All portable devices use batteries as an energy source. Technology is changing rapidly and many new devices come to user use. An old product now converted into the last battery use product. But the problem with batteries is after use batteries need to charge for further use. We all know about it we use our smartphone and while using battery continuously decrease and after battery low we plug phone to charger and use when battery complete charge. Our regular devices have Lithium Polymer,Lithium Ion and Li-Poly batteries. 

Nano diamond batteries NDB have high power their power is based on diamond alpha beta and neutron voltaic batteries because of this NDB provides lifelong power to devices. NDB provides green energy for numerous applications that overcome all limitations of old batteries. Nano diamond batteries are like a small nuclear generator. Source of nano diamond batteries  is high level radioisotopes. This structure is covered in many safety layers. This all layer is multiple synthetic diamond layers. Energy is absorbed in the diamond in this process called inelastic scattering. This is used to generate electricity. This process is self charged so it can provide  charge to many machines for a full lifetime. As per report nano diamond battery life is  20,000 year.

These Nano diamond Batteries use nuclear waste. This waste is very harmful. This material needs many years to lose their radio wave. This has an effect on humans as well as nature. But now this waste is used as an energy source; nano diamond batteries use this. So it's also a good harmful waste in use. Are nuclear batteries safe? Or are nano diamond batteries safe?. Yes these batteries are very safe this all use nuclear waste but this waste is covered in many layers and these layers are diamond layers. This layer absorbed energy. No any radioactive field around these batteries. So it's completely safe

Application of Nano diamond batteries

  • Medial Technology
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Defense system


Current batteries are good for use but we need something which is more powerful then current we use. This one will not need to charge. Just add batteries and enjoy life long. This power is now in the form of nano diamond technology. This will change our life. This will help to  make more powerful devices. And help to overcome all limitations of current batteries 

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