What Is DARQ Technology Technogyyan

What is DARQ 

DARQ is a group of multiple technologies. DARQ stands for  Distributed Ledger Technology, Artificial intelligence, Extended Reality and Quantum Computing. We will see it all in detail. These technology applications rapidly change our life from past few years. We know about all this technology. Before a year many companies avoided doing work on the internet for many reasons. Some people do not understand how to work with the internet and some have less trust in the internet. But after some years many companies shifted over the internet and now those companies are high level companies. Their work greatly increased because of the internet their contact spread over the internet. Befour internet their market had limited space. But now they can contact anyone over the internet and grow their business.

Let’s see DARQ parts Distributed Ledger Technology, Artificial intelligence, Extended Reality and Quantum Computing. This all provides the best way to process data, store big data, improve work quality and fast product making and also provide the best security to our data. And many more

Distributed Ledger Technology technogyyan

Distributed Ledger Technology
DLT Distributed Ledger Technology is a transactional technology. Nowadays lots of user data is available over the internet. Their personal, public, business all kinds of data is on the internet. 
Day by day this also increases but meanwhile we have to understand the dark side of the internet. As we know many users' data is available on the dark web for sale. How does this happen?. Many hackers hack systems  or servers and steal the user data and sell this data over the dark web and earn bitcoin. To prevent this we have to increase system security. But the normal server all user data stores in a single or multiple server in one place. If someone hacked  one server it’s easy to get access to others also. To overcome this drawback DLT is developed.

Distributed Ledger Technology is basically a node base system. Before this we used a single severe to store user data. But using DLT we can connect multiple servers over the internet and store user data in different servers and each server is connected to another. Because of this money transitions have more transparency in work. All data networks are encrypted and no one can edit this data while data transmitting. Best example of this is cryptocurrency and blockchain because of this over all communication is encrypted and transition information is not readable. But using node system users can track their transition details. Node base systems provide more trust on the network. Using this not only transfer data safely but also verified data over each node. This all prevents data to hack or modify over the network. If user want to change their data this can possible using keys users can change this data if data is change in server this data is changed over all node 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the latest technology which is most popular nowadays. Before starting this let’s discuss artificial intelligence in short. AI gives thinking and decision power to machines. Because of this now the complete world is changing rapidly using AI in many industries. Human power is replaced by machine power which produces more output at low cost and in less time.

Extended Reality
Extended Reality is a combination of AR, VR and MR. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality  because of this entertainment world has completely changed. Now you can travel anywhere using VR. just sit back and wear a VR handset and enjoy your journey. 
Using an AR add object in the real world. Just wear VR or open a mobile camera and look around you will see objects around you. You can interact with 3d objects. Best example of AR is the Pokemon Go game. MR is Mixed Reality is combination of AR and VR 

Quantum Computing
Our basic devices work on 0 and 1. This is great for our work but our all technology changes day by day. Each day we will be facing new technology and some new problems aslo. But now We are working on Many new devices and for these devices our normal internet is not good.For this new technology quantum computer is here is normal computer data is work on 1 and 0 but in quantum computer data or on 10,01 qubits. This increased computer computational power and made computers super. Many industries now use this computer for their work like space communication or high data processing. Quantum computer based on quantum theory.

With DARQ now many companies are growing and many new devices are created to improve human work and smart systems. Now many new technology is coming and many other old technologies are updated. This all work over internet this DARQ system advantages help to improve work, speed, quality, and large connectivity

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