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What is Tiny AI?

Before starting this let’s discuss artificial intelligence in short. AI gives thinking and decision power to machines. Because of this now the complete world is changing rapidly using AI in many industries. Human power is replaced by machine power which produces more output at low cost and in less time.

Is there any problem in AI?

Every coin have 2 side like this Ai have there own pros and cons like

AI gives machines the thinking and decision power for this developer to build complex algorithms and structures for this AI device that needs storage capacity as well as data privacy for this AI device size increased. Yes cloud storage is also a part of AI but for this also extra components are needed and sometimes we have to make a smaller device then AI generates a problem. This problem overcome in Tiny AI

Tiny AI:

Tiny AI is Advanced Technology to work on small devices with the same capabilities.

Tiny AI is also called Tiny Ml (Machine learning). Nowadays artificial intelligence many I devices energy consumption is very high means this type  of devices need high power to work well. This main reason to develop Tiny AI is to reduce this size of algorithms and make devices smaller,.faster, and work with less energy.  For this less size of algorithms developers no need to publish their code/application on cloud. Developers can put code inside the machine. This makes the machine faster. 



model was developed by google to understand user keystroke and guess the word what user type and show this word. We all know about this. We use it many times in our android keyboard and other sell correction applications. This helps users to write a correct sentence with proper grammar.

Why Tiny AI?

Using Tiny AI all algorithms include in hardware no need to publish on cloud because of this device need less power in data analysis.Tiny AI can control through Smartphones. Privacy also improves in this because all data is in local devices. No data request and response is there.Artificial intelligence training also produced Carbon and this is very dangerous for our nature and this also affects device speed and working. Tiny AI processes data itself that use less power and great speed.


Artificial intelligence is good for many big projects but when we want to use small devices and small scale projects then the same energy used by devices and this system slows our process. For this tiny Ai is used to make small scale applications faster.

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