Tecchnogyyan What is black hole

What is black hole?

We all know black hole is something dark in space which is more powerful. time and light was not present in black hole. 

But black hole is a complex subject. Let's explore it. 

Black hole gravitational force is one of the strongest forces in space. Black hole attract all near planets inside the self. 

Let's make some questions

Where do they come from? 

When hydrogen ends in some planet. the planet will be destroyed and some part of this planet which contains high hydrogen levels. Planet will compress in space and after lot's of years this part will convert to black hole. 

What happens when you fall in?

As we all know black hole have the strongest gravitational force no one can pass this field even light can’t. If you fall in black hole you have no option to send your status to the outside of the event horizon. Event horizon is the strongest energy and gravity field. Once you enter in black  hole no time is there. But this also is true no one can truly enter a black hole. So not exactly sure about what happens when someone enters a black hole. But using study we can guess what happens when someone enters in black hole.  Might your all electronic stuff will no longer be in use. And if the human enters in the black hole then, the body well scales like rubber. 

And many many others might happen with the human body…

Let’s make this article a bit friendly..

Black hole is any kind of portal for time travel?

We had watched some movies according to this yes.. Maybe black hole was a portal for time travel… but is not a valid truth, just a theory. If it was true  then we can travel through  black hole because no time is present in black hole if we enter it then we might exit in some other galaxy or any other time. 


Black hole is like a big planet and also a dangerous.. If some planet or anything comes in the event horizon then no any chances to go back. This planet will destroy.. And will make part of black hole. Maybe dark matter or anything 

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