Blue Eyes Technology

What is Blue Eyes Technology ?

The blue eyes technology works on Artificial Intelligence. Aims of blue eyes technology are to give human abilities to a computer. The concept of blue eyes technology is introduced by research team of IBM. Research says that computer can sense human feelings and behavior and makes a computer understand like human being.

As humans interact with each other through facial expressions, speech and touch, just like that computers or machines can also interact with human beings naturally with the help of Blue Eyes Technology. This is the main and important purpose of blue eyes technology to interact with machine or computer naturally.

Image processing techniques are used in the blue eyes technology for the identification of human emotions. Main working of image processing techniques is to extract the eye portion from the captured image and compare this extracted image with the images stored in the database. And with the help of this high-end technology, the computers can listen , talk, and feel our presence with different tools of AI like video calls, fingerprints, and face recognition etc.. 

Techniques Of Blue Eyes Technology

1) Emotional Mouse
2) Manual And Gage Input Cascading (Magic Pointing)
3) Artificial Intelligent Speech Recognition

1) Emotional Mouse:
The important purpose of Emotion Mouse is to evaluate and identify the emotions of a human being such as fear, surprise, anger, sadness, happiness, disgust etc. when human being is interacting with computer. 
As humans interact with each other, through facial expressions, speech and touch just like that computer or machine can also interact with human being naturally with the help of Blue Eyes Technology. 

2) Manual And Gage Input Cascading (Magic Pointing):

3) Artificial Intelligent Speech Recognition:

In Blue Eyes technology Artificial Intelligence Speech Recognition system plays a very important and major role. Artificial intelligence Speech Recognition system helps to check the accuracy of speech and it is confirmed with scanning the words or data and finds whether there is match or not.

Features of speech recognition system in Blue Eyes technology:

Here are some important features of speech recognition system in Blue Eyes technology:
1) User's grammar
2) Noise type
3) Speech
4) Noise level
5) Position of the microphone

Emotion Sensors used in the Blue Eyes Technology:

Here are the types of Emotion Sensors used in Blue Eyes Technology:
For Hand  :  Emotion Mouse
For Eye    :  Expression Glass
For Face   :  Facial recognition system
For Voice        :  Voice recognition

Advantages of Blue Eyes technology:

1) It helps eye monitoring by interpreting and recording human being's behavior and movement.
2) Blue Eyes technology is spready used in new generation video games to make them more interactive and exciting.
3) It supports in monitoring human physiological conditions and behavior.
4) Its proves to be a helpful technique in flight control centers, power plant control room, and captain   bridges.

Applications of the Blue Eyes technology:

1) In the educational field
2) To check the physical and mental or psychological state.
3) In the field of advertisement.
4) Blue Eyes technology used in entertainment fields also
5) It is used in video gaming.

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