Iron Man Mark 50 Suit

 Iron Man Mark 50

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An armor which is way ahead of technology, an armor which is way ahead of science, that is Mark 50.In this article, we are uncovering every small and big details of Iron Man Man 50 armor - How it is made, its features and its weapons. So, I advice you to read full article.

Mark 50 is the armor which iron man used in Avengers: Infinity War. So there will be references to the scenes in the movie in this article.

How is it made?

In the first look, the suit looked like a normal sports wear,  but actually it is mixture of gold-titanium nano fibre and nano particles.

Gold-titanium alloy is 4 times stronger than steel, and if combined with nano particles, it becomes the hardest metal on Earth and hence when Tony activates the suit, this metal sticks to him like it is his new artificial skin.

Apart from its physical structure, this suit is controlled by Tony's brain. It uses neuro-kinetic user control nano machine which makes it possile to control the suit by brain. To activate the suit, Tony needs to double tap the arc-reactor which then activates the nano particles present in the arc-reactor and the nano-particles present in his sports wear looking like nano-fibre suit and all these particles create the armor around his body, which we see in the first suit-up scene of Infinity War.

When these nano-particles get activated, nano-fibre gets deactivated. If anything happens to the nano-particles layer, nano-fibre protects him acting as a second layer of protection.

The main feature in the construction of this armor is it gets full power from the arc-reactor itself and it is also stored in the arc-reactor. The AI assistant used in this suit is his 2nd AI partner F.R.I.D.A.Y.

Features of Mark 50:

  • Air Tight Seal: This armor is completely air tight. Which means this armor creates its complete own environment inside the suit. So there is no problem of oxygen in this suit. Even if anyone wearing this goes in deep waters or in space, they will never face any breathing problems. As we saw in infinity war, iron man flies straight high up chasing Thanos' ship, he never feels any lack of oxygen as the suit was providing him oxygen all the time. This same tech is used in the iron spider suit which Tony gives to Peter in the same movie when he faces oxygen problem.
  • Integrated Control Interface: This is an amazing feature which we saw for the first time in this suit and many would not have noticed this. We know that all of Tony Stark's suits are connected to FRIDAY and it helps Tony to control the suit. None of Tony's suits can work without FRIDAY. But in this movie, Tony goes high up and loseshis connection with FRIDAY, he can still use this suit. This is becuase Mark 50 has its own Integrated Control Interface that acts as a second assistant to Tony and so this suit can work even without FRIDAY.
  • Surface Reforming: This feature is possible only because of nano-tech. Surface Reforming tech helps Tony reshape and shift the size of his armor according to his needs. This is the feature through which Tony created all those cool new weapons coming out of his suit and fighting Thanos and his men. Due to this tech,Tony was able to regenerate his helmet when Thanos wiped it out during the final battle scene in Infinity war. So, you can say this is the healing factor of the suit.
  • Anti-Phasing Tech: This is another feature that nano-tech made possible. Tony has introduced this feature after the events of Captain America: Civil War. In civil war, Ant Man entered in Tony's suit through a small gap. So to avoid that kind of thing again, Tony used anti-phasing tech in Mark 50 in which every single nano-particle in the suit vibrates at a high frequency. This high-frequency vibration will not only avoid Ant Man but also even Vision cannot pass through it (though Vision is dead now).
  • High Velocity Flight: This has to be an obvious feature when we are looking at such mind-blowing features. In this suit, using nanotech, Tony can make his own new thrusters in the suit and those help him fly higher and faster more than ever. This feature in this suit also makes Mark 50 the best suit till date.
  • Nano Structure Deployment: Though this tech is not much used in the movie, we see it when Tony sends a little part of his armor into Thanos' hand to avoid him from using infinity gauntlet. This part then expands in Thanos' hand a bit and blocks him from using the gauntlet. This is used to mainly used to block enemy's moves and distract him for a while.

Iron Man Mark 50 Weapon Alt

Apart from these cool features, we have seen some really wonderful weapons in Mark 50.

Weapons in Mark 50:

  • Repulsors: Repulsors are the main part of every iron man suit and Mark 50 makes them even advanced. Mark 50 repulsors can shift their shape and act accordingly. We saw them changing in the final battle against Thanos in infinity war which obviously helped Tony in fighting him.  
  • Lasers: Unlike other armors, this armor also had lasers whose main purpose is to cut through anything. But this time, these lasers are very powerful. This time they cut part of Thanos' ship from outside, which we saw when Tony chases Thanos' ship and enters into it after the New York battle. This scene also revealed the nano-grip Tony used when he is cutting through the ship. He was holding grip on the ship from outside. This grip helps Tony in holding his grip onto anything.
  • Shoulder Mounted Missile Launcher: Iron man 1 also had shoulder missile launchers. But we saw them in Mark 50 when tony and spidey threw Ebony Maw out of the ship. Tony uses shoulder mounted missile launcher to make a hole in that ship and hence throwing Ebony Maw out.
  • Micro Missiles: This is a completely new addition to the Iron Man suits' weapon arsenal which we saw in Mark 50. These are small missiles resided at the back of the neck in the suit. The speciality of these micro missiles is they are multiple and they attack at the same time which can damage opponent badly. We saw Tony using them against Thanos in the final battle at Titan.
  • Zero Cannons: We saw these zero cannons in the same scene when Spidey and Tony threw Ebony Maw out of the ship. Tony uses these zero cannons to seal the hole made in the spaceship and we saw how perfectly they were used. Also, Tony used them to repair the damage in his suit in the last battle at Titan.
  • Medical Spray: One of the best parts of this suit is this medical spray. we saw this at the end of final battle when Tony is badly injured and bleeding. Tony uses this in-built medical spray stop the blood flow through his body. This in-built medical spray can act as a first aid kid to Tony. Also this was one of the main reasons behind Tony surviving Infinity war.
Apart from these weapons and features, there are more amazing nanotech weapons Tony installed in his Mark 50. Those weapons include Auto-Repulsor Canon, Nano Repulsor Canon, Nano Dagger, Energy Blade, Energy Canon with Amplifiers, Nano Shield, Energy Hammer and Nano Sword.
So these were all the small and large details about the Iron Man Mark 50 suit. Now you might have understood how great this suit is. At last the only thing to mention is this suit made impossible possible.

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