Hey friends,
What are you doing during this lockdown period?
If you are doing something good, that's great. But, if you are not doing anything and feel very bored, you can do the free online courses. There are lots of top educational platforms that are giving free courses during this lockdown period. They also provide Certificates.

A question that campus interviewers or job interviewers may ask you is what have you done during this lockdown period, So after doing any of these courses given below, you can proudly say what you have done with a proof.

Mentioned below are some important free courses related to the field of Computer Engineering along with their platforms (sites) so that can explore your field and join different courses.

    These courses are available free of charge during the lockdown period.

1.Fundamentals of digital marketing(provided by Google)

In this Course, You will understand the basics of digital marketing to help your business or your career.

It includes:-

  • 26 modules.
  • 40 hrs of video content 

Online course offered by Google:-
There are 136 courses offered by Google, go through, and expand your knowledge.

2. Learn Javascript And JQuery From Scratch.

Learn jquery and javascript basics from scratch and also understand the master web development in this JavaScript and jQuery online tutorial.

It includes:-

  • 10+Lectures.
  • 2+ hrs of video content 

 3.Machine Learning(provided by Coursera)

The machine-learning course is offered by Stanford University. It is a very important course for CSE students.there is nothing where ML does not work.do this course.
It includes:-
  • 54-hour course to complete.
  • Assignments

Online course offered by Coursera:-
Nearly 1000+ courses offered by Coursera, check them out and increase your knowledge

4.C Sharp Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners(provided by Microsoft)

In this Course, You will Understand and Learn basic C Sharp programming from an expert in the industry. You will learn in this course like, get the tools, see how to write code, debug features, explore customizations, and many more. For newer videos head over to dot.net/videos.

5.Big Data Foundation by Digital Vidya(provided by Government)

an industry suggested curriculum for beginners to learn about Big Data Technologies. After completion, you are eligible for the NASSCOM SSC assessment and certification. 

It includes:-

  • 55 hrs course durations.
  • 32 hrs for assignment.
  • 3 projects 

Online course offered by NASSCOM:-
There are many free courses available from Nasscom

6.CS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScript(Hardvard university)

In this course, we will learn about web programming, design, and implementation of web apps with Python, JavaScript, and SQL using frameworks like Flask, Django, and Bootstrap.

It includes:-

  • 12-week duration.
  • 6-9 hrs per week.

Online course offered by Harvard University:-
Nearly 557+ courses offered by HARVARD, check them out and increase your knowledge

7.Coding For Designer(provided by GYMNASIUM)

Coding for Designers is a  self-paced, self-learning introductory, It is free to course to HTML and CSS for designers with graphic design experience. No prior web or coding experience is necessary.

8. Content Marketing (provided by Hubspot academy)

You will learn about What is Content Marketing is? and How to Do It.
It gives you a certificate, Which will give you an overview of how to become an effective content marketer.

It includes:-

  • 14 lessons.
  • 55 videos.
  • 11 quizzes.
  • 6.08 hrs duration. 

Online course offered by Hubspot academy:-
courses offered by Hubspot academy, check them out and increase your knowledge

9.Course: CS107: C++ Programming(Provided by saylor academy)

The course provides the Introduction of ++, Setup, mechanics of editing, and compiling programs in C++.

It includes:-

  • 40 hrs duration. 

Online course offered by Saylor Academy:-
many courses offered by Saylor Academy, check them out and increase your knowledge

10.Courses provided by EDX

It is the best platform to increase your knowledge.

Some government courses are free and paid. Click on them and check them out.

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