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                                     Guys, you can use YouTube every day but you might not be knowing some features, tips, and tricks which I cover in this blog. Some tips or tricks are compatible with the only laptop so use a laptop for some tips.so let starts,
there are 12 amazing YouTube Features, Tips, and Tricks You might know----->

1. You can convert any YouTube video into a GIF using the URL.

In Youtube, you can create GIF by Youtube Videos. mainly GIF is used for the advertising purpose of your YouTube channel, so you can create a GIF of video.


Go to the YouTube after that 👉Select a video to watch on YouTube👉 find the URL at the top of your browser👉Add the word "gif" right before the domain name so it reads, "www.gifyoutube.com/[your-video-tag]."

2.360-Degree Videos

Hey, Have u heard about 360-degree videos, YouTube contribute an immersive experience for those who want to explore places that they might be interested in whether it is to go swimming with sharksriding on a cable car, or seeing a breathing and living dinosaur at the Natural History Museum in London.
Click on these videos and get fun, it is really amazing👉(examples1)(example2)(example3)(example), etc.

3. We can create a link that starts a YouTube video at a certain time.

Many times we want to start a particular video at a certain time. but we don't know about how we do that.

Go through the step which I provided here👇
Open up the video 👉 click "Share" to the far right of the video title👉 in the window of options that appears to check the box next to "Start at:" 👉 type in the time (in hours:minutes: seconds) you want👉back to Youtube👉again click on that video👉It will start from ur given time.
 as well as, you can pause the video at the time you want it to start and that field will autofill.

4. Add Videos To “Watch Later”

I am a really big fan of the “Watch Later” playlist on YouTube. Every day, there are instances where I want to watch a long YouTube video, but I cannot do that during work hours. but YouTube provides "watch later" so I save those videos in the “Watch Later” playlist and watch them in the evening. It is a really simple one you can quickly add a video to the “Watch Later” playlist by tapping on the clock icon on video thumbnails or by a tap on the “Add to” icon under the video on the watch page and tick(click) on the "Watch Later" playlist.

5. Watch Videos With Captions

Sometimes when I watch TV, I prefer to have closed captions on. Do you know that there are about 1 billion videos on YouTube that have automatic Captions features, including auto-translation? You can activate captions by tapping on the Settings button and enabling captions in your language or auto-translation when available.

6. Double Tap To Seek

I think this feature you know but still, I insert here, YouTube recently launched a feature called Double Tap To Seek. When you double-tap on the left or right of a video playing on the YouTube app, it will rewind or fast-forward 10 seconds of the video.

7.New Desktop Design

YouTube is working on a redesigned desktop experience that showcases your favorite videos and creators. The new desktop experience will make YouTube more fun and easier to use. If you want to start using it now, then you can sign up for the new desktop experience at youtube.com/new before it is rolled out broadly.

8. Share A Video That Starts At A Certain Time

Sometimes you want to share a video where it starts from a specific time in the video. YouTube allows you to share a URL, which will play a video from a specific time. It is set up by right-clicking on a video and selecting “copy video URL at the current time.”Or you can also share a video starting at a certain time by tapping on the Share button and then tapping on the "Start at" checkmark. Then you can copy the URL that is generated from the Share button feature.

9. YouTube For Kids

For kids, there is a version of YouTube that is kid-friendly called YouTube Kids. YouTube Kids features clips from kids shows are interactive and engaging. And it is available on Android and iOS.

10. Change Video Size And Resolution
YouTube offers videos that have multiple quality and size options. You can watch videos ranging at between 144p all the way up to 8K depending on the camera used to upload the content. And you can find all the options by tapping on the video quality pulldown menu.

11. See the transcript of a video

YouTube creates transcripts for a video created on its platform. Not only does this feature make videos more accessible, but it also makes pulling quotes and copies a lot easier.
How to see the transcript  YouTube video:
From the video, click the three-dot ellipsis beside Save.👉Select Open transcript.

If you do not see it, the creator likely decided to hide the transcript. It is important to note that  many video creators don’t edit their transcripts so it might not be perfect

12.Keyboard Shortcuts

There is a lot of keyboard shortcuts built into YouTube to control various functionalities. Here are some keyboard shortcut examples:
- 0-9 - When you tap on a number between 1 and 9, it will take you to a certain percentage of the video. For example, tapping on 2 will take you 20% into the video, and tapping 6 will take you to 60% into the video. Pressing 0 will restart the video (0%).
- K / spacebar plays or pauses the video

- J rewinds the video 10 seconds

- L fast forwards 10 seconds

- Left arrow key(←) rewinds the video 5 seconds

- Right arrow key(→) fast forwards the video 5 seconds

- Up arrow(↑)increases the volume 5%

- Down arrow(↓) decreases the volume 5%

- M will toggle mute on and off

- F toggles full-screen mode on and off

- Esc exits out of the full-screen mode

- Shift+> will increase the speed

- Shift+< will decrease the speed

- Shift+p it moves to the previous video in a playlist

- Shift+n it moves to the next video in a playlist



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