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It has been months now since the COVID-19 global pandemic started, It has affected nearly everything including the global market and jobs at present. But even in this condtion, there are some techs that are emerged as an helping hand in this situation and that are also playing a major role for the people in the pandemic. Though many people are thinking that there jobs are now in danger, still there are many jobs that have a lot to offer in this situation. Following are some of the techs and jobs that are and will be helping people to gain new jobs and start a new career for themselves.

Low-code, no-code environment

The need for quick software development has been supreme for developers across the world. Organizations and Big companies expect developers to quickly get the new application into the market. The low-code/no-code environments which use visual element and drag-and-drop construction to develop software have already been on the fast-track before the pandemic. There can be a sudden raise in demand and usage of these low-code, no-code development environments. Top tech groups are making an investment of their assets in developing these tools.


As all the people are staying at their home, they spend more time on recreation. The gaming industry has been seeing a considerable hike since lockdown. Gamerji, India's e-sports platform, has seen sudden growth in numbers after the lockdown. The same platform was working at an average of 55000 new users a month, has now increased the rate to 1.4 lakhs to a month. It happened because of incraese in its downloads from Google Play Store.

Chatbots and robots

Chatbots and robots have proved themselves effective in replacing the human representative in this pandemic. Top organisations including the healthcare and medical authorities have used chatbots during the pandemic to resolve the client problems. There will be a growth in adoption of chatbot and robot automation technologies.The call for healthcare assistants can be solved with the assist of a robot solution. This trend is set to emerge as the brand new normal.


The lockdown has converted the normal classrooms to online classrooms. Most of the schools and institutes had to quickly digitise their facility in a short span of time. Ed-tech companies have obtained huge popularity due to lockdown. Minimum of 20 ed-tech companies have raised a new round of gaining funds during Covid-19. Byju's and Unacademy along with udemy and coursera continue to lead the market with positive revenues.Another e-learning platform, WhiteHat.jr has seen an outstanding jump in users since lockdown. The company has planned to hire more than 2000 teachers and 400 staff members per month to supplement the demand. The platform is going to lease teachers with a very high knowledge background in engineering, technology and science fields.


Telehealth and distant delivery of healthcare assistance have obtained a big enhance in recent time. Healthcare software program companies are launching their very own answer for telemedicine and teleconsultation. As the health-care is going to low-tech past, there is a requirement for virtualisation consultation. Mobile solutions for patient admissions and online video counselling has a long path to go.

Digital retail

The hyperlocal shops are hit by e-commerce players in recent times. However, the Covid-19 led lockdown to re-confident the self assurance in local retail chains. The local grocery shops have helped the customers with their daily needs in the lockdown.  While Covid-19 has placed shopping malls in brief shut down mode, traditional retailing is not dead.  Local manufacturers will adopt virtual technologies to reach and serve customers.  Local manufacturers are preparing for a hybrid future where both the digital and physical factors will deliver the client experience.

Healthcare tech

The increasing worries around health and fitness have helped healthcare tech agencies to modify their reach. Online consultation platform ekincare has seen a 200% growth in its demand for online consultation. DocsApp are some of the many healthcare tech starts that gained a new round of funding in the pandemic. Long-term sustainability and increase of these companies are a result of strategies and development of right tech gadgets to stay engaged with the users.

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