1 ) Sound Heroes

This is most fucheristic bluetooth speaker on the market each corner of this device is polished by hand this give a poly look to device sharp edges  and main function of sound heroes is also 

A wireless charging station also can increase the wifi signal and  the subwoofer.

The function of this device looks amazing. Also this device can change colors and increase the look more amazing. In this device some LED light and when the song is playing sound heros shows the amazing effects. And this device speaker is also high quality. Which produce the best sound and bass.and also the other features of this device is amazing you can charge your mobile. You need to put mobile on heroes stand then your phone can charge automatically and

This also increases the wifi signal and increases the range of the wifi. 

Wireless charging:

Amazing Song play effects and lights:

2 ) TapStrap

This is a small new generation keyboard that is created for typing on any surface. To use this gadget you need to put in your hand and move on any type of surface. This device recognizes the movement transform of fingers. You can move your fingers to type a  word. This is simple to recognize a finger movement and type the work; it tracks the pattern of finger and for enter text.

This use a simple finger combination to type a different word like:

  • One finger

  • Two fingers together

  • Three fingers together

In this have 31 combinations to enter text with the accuracy 99%

This system is also useful for virtual reality apps and other augmented reality apps to type a perfect text. Tapstrap is very useful to type on any surface. Even bike handles,books, and any other surface. Simple to connect with your device and just move your finger to start typing.

3 ) Splash Drone

this drone is the most advanced aerial vehicle in the world.in this drone have new flight control this can increase the reliability of the drone also the complete new power system is give long battery life.best balance of power and product quality. This drone is more stable and long range also the drone can work in any weather condition. Also this drone can fly while rain because this drone is 

Complete waterproof. This great feature gives this name “splash drone”. Drone look is also good. And flash  color so easily recognizes  when drones fly. Drone has the best camera to capture a Video and images with best quality this drone can land on water surfaces. Yes.. this drone can land on water. This is realy amazing feature of this drone body is completely waterproof.

4) Smacircle:

This electrical bicycle is the first smallest Lightest Smartest eBike in the world. At this time it can be folded easily and fit in a small size. You can also fit this ebike in your bag and move anywhere without a problem. The total weight of this smacircle ebike is 15.4lbs only this is a very lightest vehicle. And the frame of this smacircle is built from carbon fibre this is the best and strongest material. Because of this it can get loaded on it. This bike works on a motor so the main question is there battery life. But this ebike battery is great. In this “smacircle” added samsung battery. Thies vehicle can work 2hr use and also good speed of this ebike.this bike design is very compact. And fold  easily and fit in low space.

Smacircle design:

5) Fixo:

Fixo is Smart Disk include a many special application and this are divided into a categories like

Clocks and calendar, weather, communication and home security, powerful wireless, fashion and video and many more.

Using fixo you can control the multiple device like lights ,door,speakers and other smart devices

Also this same disk connected to your mobile phone in fixo has an HD camera and 2 Stereo speakers. In disk touch screen  buttons to control and power on and off the disk.

Just connect with your phone and start the music. 

This small disk is a very great gadget at this time which is very useful to anyone. 

Fixo and control other devices and so much work and make your life easy.fixo frame is a special design to hold it easily on hand. And put it into stand. You can set up any activity using a touch.

This disk can store the data and retrieve it when the user needs it. Fixo app content fitness app which is used to care your health 

Download Best Health Care Application:

Fitness Care:

Download now 

This are some best gadgets in 2020

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