12 Programming languages that you must to know .

8)C Sharp


Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. First released in 1991, Python is developed and designed by Mr.Guido van Rossum. Python's design ideology highlights code readability with its remarkable use of notable whitespaces.
Because of its object-oriented features, flexibility and versitality, Python is loved by almost every developer, data scientists, engineers and many more. Even if it's a high-level language, it can do complex tasks, syntax of Python is very easy and small to understand and it still is one of the most high level languages that often used to do complex tasks. In testing environment as well, Python is very useful in testing web interfaces and web applications before releasing them on a public platform.


Java, one of the most used and most helpful language in the current industry. From the past 20+ years, java has been proved as one of the most important part in the development; and continuing this place for such a large period of time is a big deal. 
The greatest advantage of using Java is it is portable and machine independent language. Java is continuously evolving language. At a moment, there were times when Java development got slowed down, but after each release, they have launched something out of the box. They first introduced changes in the form of Generics, Enum and Autoboxing in Java 5, performance improvements were done in Java 6, Java 8 improved functional programming in the form of lambda expressions and many more. Google has chosen Java for development of Android applications has made java a frontline programming language.
Java includes open source libraries that help in using its applications everywhere; Google, Apache and other productions have contributed a lot of high level and effective libraries making Java faster, efficient and cost-effective.

3) JavaScript
JavaScript - Top 10 Programming Languages - Edureka

JavaScript is mainly used in creating web pages and web applications. JavaScript or JS is a user scripting standalone language developed by Netscape. It is a dynamic language that is used to make web pages effective by adding its own graphic effects and controlling the web pages. JavaScript follows ECMAScript specifications. Any webpage or web application is completely incomplete without JS as it acts as a main part in these applications. 

What are the Advantages of Javascript? - Quora


GoLang - Top 10 Programming Languages - Eduerka
Go Language, often referred to as Go, is an open source programming language. It is a static language that generates compiled machine code binaries. It is developed and designed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google. This Go language does memory related tasks like allowing you to safely use memory, manage objects, garbage collection and give static typing with concurrency. Go is just like C programming along with safety measures. Structural typing, memory safety and CSP-style concurrency are its key features. This mainly focuses on functions and hence it is simple and could be learnt fast. The benfits of using Go are that it provides faster feedback and it saves your memory.

5) C/C++

 Developed by Bjarne Stroustrup, as an expansion of the C language, C++ was created. Advancement of C, C++ can be called as as a better version of C programming. C++ is the root of many programming languages like C#, Java and JavaScript. Powerful yet simple language that provides a structured approach to programming. C++ is widely considered when developing high performance applications in the development industry. Adding to C, C++ has included Object Oriented support for programming with real time issues. With all its mesmerizing features, C++ has managed to be in the top 10 programming languages in the industry.


Scala, a general purpose programming language provides support for strong static type system and functional programming. A wide range of applications can be developed with the help of Scala. It can implement machine learning algorithms for complex functions, also it can even develop web apps.
JVM features are also part of Scala and Java libraries are used to make the most out of it. Thus it allows to create an extensive number of applications through it. It relies on the JVM runtime and it is safe to use Scala. Because of all these features, Scala is high level programming language that can do object oriented and functional programming.


Kotlin, the name comes out most of the times when discussing about Android development. It is a cross-platform, static and general purpose programming language with type inference. Kotlin is designed to work with Java programming. Its standard library's JVM version is dependent upon Java Class Library. Syntax of Kotlin is more concised because of its type inference.
Kotlin's syntax allows you to develop whatever you want in small piece of code. Code used in Kotllin is very less compared to other languages. If the code is less, the maintainability required for user is also less. Kotlin is mainly developed by JetBrains, the creators of the most famous InteliJ platform, PHPCode, AppCode, and many more.

 Reasons to learn Kotlin:

8)C Sharp

When working with DotNET framework, C sharp is the most important language you must know. C Sharp, commonly refrred to as C#, is developed at Microsoft as one of the most powerful programming lannguages at present. It is flexible and high level language that provides you the comprehensive programming foundation that is applied to Objective-C, PHP and Java. C++ is similar to both C++ and Java, that means both C++ and Java programmers can learn it very easily. The creator Anders Hejlsberg of C Sharp says that it is more similar to C++. This follows both object oriented and component oriented approaches along with strong typing; it is lexically scoped, imperative, declarative, functional and generic language. 


Released in 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto, the Ruby programming was designed as an intutive platform to focus on productivity and simplicity. In recent years, Ruby has proved to be one of the most required languages in the industry. With the help of Ruby, you can develop the many things you want, as it provides an interactve and simple interface, you can develop web apps easily and quickly. The goal of the language is to help you enhance your actions with less command calls so that effective code is generated.

Reasons to learn ruby :
  • Stability
  • Simple
  • Metaprogramming
  • Faster
  • Object Oriented
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Resourceful


Swift is a general purpose, compiled and multi-paradigm programming developed by AppleInc. to be used in iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Linux and z/OS. Swift works with a large volume of existing Objective-C code developed for other Apple products and Apple's Cocoa & Cocoa touch framework. Swift has proved to be an important aspect for nearly all Apple products. Swift has many impressive features to attract developers and modern libraries that make Swift programming even more interesting. The good thing about Swift is that there is no need to end Swift statements with a semicolon
Key Benefits of Swift Programming Language
  • Super Open-Source Community. 
  • Easy Code Readability. 
  • Easy Code Maintenance. 
  • Speedy App Development. 
  • Compatible with Objective-C. 
  • Less error-prone.
  • Supported by Multiple Devices.
  • Supported by Dynamic Libraries.


Rust is a well-known multi-paradigm language that focuses mainly upon performance and safety. In syntax, it is similar to C++ and in memory managemnt it does what Go does; provides memory safety but without using garbage collection. It is an open source language. Rust is mainly famous for its speed, memory utilization and safety. Rust is used for developing a wide range of complex applications like operating systems, game engines, file systems, simulation engines for VR and many more..

Benefits of using Rust:

  • Rust is memory safe. ...
  • Rust is as fast as well as safer than C or C++
  • Rust is general purpose language that can develop normal apps
  • Rust is great at concurrent programming.
  • Rust provides built-in dependency and build management called Cargo.
  • Rust has great communities.


Almost everyone has heard this name before, PHP;  PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. It is one of the most popular general purpose scripting language used in web development. PHP is server-side scripting language that is mostly used as back end in web applications.
As HTML and JS, PHP is an important aspect in developing websites,  web applications, and web pages that maybe static or dynamic. PHP is server-side language so it can act as database. It saves time and is easy to comprehend..

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