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OrCam MyEye 2.0

One of the best inventions of this generation is OrCaM MyEye 2. A 
perfect combination of camera and standard eyeglasses that allows a blind person to identify faces, read texts and books, and do many such things that a normal person can do with their eyes.

Here are some details about OrCam MyEye 2:


OrCam is made up of a hardware that counts 3 x 83 x .59 inches with a camera on one side and the speaker on the other side. This device can be set up on any frame of any pair of eyeglasses by a magnetic mount. The underside of the OrCam is flat having a power button while the top side is rounded and has a touch bar which is raised for easy location. Also, it is possible for user to adjust the sensitivity of the touch bar. 
Unfortunately, OrCam does not allow blind person to practically, but it allows a blind person to hear the image next to them. OrCam is basically a camera that clicks pictures, identifies them and transfers those pictures through a text-to-speech engine whose voice is audible through the speakers which are placed near the user's right ear. To describe a bit more, the default voice assistant for text-to-speech is the English female Ivona Kendra voice, which speaks at 220 words per minute. Though it has the ability to speak many languages, this is more popular.


One of the major requirements of the OrCam MyEye 2 is the light. It does require a lot of light. Whether you are having a walk at the park, reading a newspaper, recognizing the face of people in front of you, you will need a majority of light in these conditions to hear what is happening around you. So, it is important to learn that the greater the light the greater the performance by the devive.


There are both good and bad things of OrCam MyEye 2 when it comes to the battery life of the device. The good thing is that it takes only half hour completely charge the battery, so you can prepare it in a quick time when you are planning to go outside, or having an important meeting or anything where OrCam is necessary. It will get ready for you in just 30 minutes.
Coming to the other side, the battery life of the device is 4 to 5 hours from a single charge. After that, you will have to charge the battery again and use it again. The battery can also be charged with an external portable battery or powerbank, as this device comes up with micro-USB charger that makes it possible to charge it anytime easily.


Reading with OrCam alt

The best feature of OrCam is arguable the reading feature. With the help of these you can hear what you can read. If you want to read a file document, the first thing you have to do is, hold the document if front of you, and tap the touch bar which clicks a snap of the document. 
After getting snap, it starts reading the doucument for you. OrCam MyEye 2.0 is a gesture controlled device, so you can just point at a specific line in the document with your finger, and it will just read that line for you. If you want to read only a specific paragraph, you just need to point at that and will start reading. It may happen sometime that OrCam is unable to read some part of the document, in that case the problem could be of the picture, you simply need to capture the picture again and it will again start reading it for you.

You can also control the OrCam reading by just telling it to start or stop. You can use touch bar and hand gestures as well to start reading, pause reading and stop reading.


The most fascinating feature of OrCam is the face recognition. This device can detect the variety of faces as well. It doesn't matter whether you are at the mall or market, it can tell you who is there on front of you. Whether it is a man, a child, a woman, an old one or anyone! OrCam lets you know and you can react to that person in a comfortable way.One more feature in face recognition is that you can also manually add faces in it. The faces that are always with you or near you can be added in the OrCam MyEye 2.0. To add a face, you just need tohold down the touch bar while the person whose face it to be added just needs to move their head slowly in both directions. It is even better if the person speaks in between this process. The OrCam continuously clicks the picture of the subject and stores them according to their name.

In this way, you can add up to 100 faces in OrCam, though all these faces can be taken from real-time only as there sould not be already taken photos of the person. OrCam studies the faces in real-time for future use as well. Also, you can modify or delete those faces form the OrCam database. 


Another brilliant feature of this is it can identify money as well. You just need to be a little careful while holding the money infront of you.  As the money should be places right in front of the camera.


OrCam MyEye 2.0 alt

It is also possible to identify objects and then use them for further identification. As of face recognition, you have to click pictures of the object and store it in the database by taking the name of the object.

One more feature is that it can identify the bar codes. The only trick in 
this is to locate the bar code and the rest is done by the OrCam.

These are some of the best features of the OrCam MyEye 2


You can visit the official OrCam website to purchase the product at its original price, watch its tutorials, read user manuals and connect with the company on social media.

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