10 Best Online Courses to do During Lockdown/Quarantine.

1) Machine Learning Course 

Today, Machine Learning is becoming a hot trend in the industry. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies can jointly transform business outcomes. There are many real time uses of machine learning like Virtual Personal Assistants, Predictions while Commuting,Videos Surveillance, Social Media Services, Face Recognition, Email Spam and Malware Filtering, Search Engine Result Refining, Online Fraud Detection, etc.

2)Java Course

Java is the most famous object oriented programming language which gives platform to developers to develop a stable, compatible, responsive, attractive, user friendly application. 
Here are some features of java and these features make a java application stronger.

There are many real time uses of java, for example, Android Apps, Server Apps at the Financial Services Industry, Java Web applications, Trading Application, Big Data technologies, J2ME Apps, Embedded Space, Software Tools, etc.
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3) Deep Learning Course

Just like ML and AI, Deep Learning is a technology trend that’s fast catching on. It is a sub part of ML, and once you enroll in a Deep Learning course ,you will see how fun and how much you can create using your Deep Learning knowledge. There are many real time applications of deep learning like Self-driving cars, Deep Learning in Healthcare, Automatic Handwriting Generation, Image Recognition, Automatically Adding Sounds To Silent Movies, Automatic Machine Translation.

4)Learn Business Analytics

If you are in the enterprise field, you must need to learn and gain a comprehensive understanding of business analytics. It is a tool that offers actionable business insights based on real-world data and statistics. Business analytics is based on the data and statistics of the business performance of the past. Business analytics is a great asset to your business. It gives idea of decision-making process.

5)Web Development Course

Now a days, Web Development is a very attractive and important topic for creating a responsive, great, user friendly application. Web Development is very much time saving. No waiting time, no compilation time. Just write code and see the magic of colors in your browser.Robotics, Machine Learning, AI and many other domain networks require a frontend to connect with the client, and with the  web development knowledge, it will surely improve your Application Development skills. The web applications are always more reliable.

6) Python Course 

Python is the most popular language now a days. The main reason behind python becoming more popular is it's syntax. Python is easy to learn and most recommended language.
Following are the some reasons to learn python:

Some real time applications of Python:
Web Applications, Desktop GUI Applications, Software Development, Business Applications, Console Based Application, Audio or Video based Applications, 3D CAD Applications, etc. Python help to computer security also.
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7) Learn Blockchain

This will excite all the technology lovers. Blockchain is a relatively new and revolutionary technology that is replete with tremendous possibilities. Also, the demand for Blockchain experts is at peak right now. Blockchain is a very famous technology now a days.The Blockchain technology gives an authority for verification without having to be dependent on third-parties.The structure of data in a Blockchain is append-only. To secure the data ledgers, it uses protected cryptography.

8) Learn Digital Marketing 

It’s never too late to learn Digital Marketing. Ever since online and digital platforms have become ingrained in every aspect of our lives, digital marketing has skyrocketed. Once you enroll in a digital marketing course, you will see how interesting and thrilling the world of digital marketing is. Digital Marketing supports for your business

9)Start Blogging

Blogging is the best way to improve, present and share knowledge with benefits. Publish variety of posts, share knowledge and make fun. Blogging is a very interesting and best work during lockdown. If you don’t want to try a hand fiction, blogging is the way to go.

10)Learn how to Photoshop

An excellent way to pass your time is to learn how to Photoshop. There’s plenty to learn about design, illustration, photo manipulation, and so on. Naturally, when thinking of Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop comes to mind. Photoshop is used by photographers, designers, graphics artists, photographers and many others, and it can enhance and manipulate images to improve their overall appearance. It is a very helpful tool that makes photo editing very easy and effective.

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